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Harley Quinn, the iconic character from DC Comics, has become a favorite among cosplayers around the world. Her edgy and playful personality, combined with her eye-catching costume, makes her a popular choice for those looking to bring a touch of mischief to their cosplay endeavors. In this article, we will explore the world of hot Harley Quinn cosplay, providing tips, inspiration, and reviews to help you create a stunning and authentic portrayal of this beloved character.

Choosing the Right Version of Harley Quinn

Classic Harley Quinn

The classic Harley Quinn look, also known as the "Jester" or "Original" version, features a red and black color scheme with a jester-inspired design. This version is perfect for those who want to pay homage to Harley's origins as the Joker's sidekick.

New 52 Harley Quinn

The New 52 version of Harley Quinn showcases a more modern and edgy look. With a red and black color palette, this version often includes additional details such as tattoos and a more revealing outfit.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Thanks to Margot Robbie's portrayal in the "Suicide Squad" movie, the Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn has gained immense popularity. This version features a punk-inspired outfit with colorful accents and a playful yet dangerous vibe.

Getting the Costume Right

The Jester Outfit

The classic Harley Quinn costume typically consists of a red and black jester-inspired bodysuit, a matching jester hat, and a white collar. Look for high-quality materials that will ensure durability and comfort during long cosplay events.


Don't forget to add the finishing touches to your Harley Quinn cosplay. Consider adding props like a baseball bat, a mallet, or a pair of oversized cartoon-like guns. These accessories will enhance your portrayal of the character and make your cosplay more authentic.

Makeup and Hair

The Signature Makeup Look

Harley Quinn's makeup is an essential part of her look. Achieve her signature style by applying white face paint all over your face, followed by red and black accents around the eyes and lips. Don't be afraid to get creative with the design!

Pigtails or Ponytails?

When it comes to Harley Quinn's hair, you have a couple of options. The classic look features two pigtails, one red and one black, secured with oversized hair ties. Alternatively, you can opt for a high ponytail with red and black accents.

Bringing Out Harley's Personality

Mastering the Attitude

Harley Quinn is known for her playful and mischievous personality. Embrace her character by adopting her mannerisms, such as her exaggerated movements and unpredictable behavior. This will bring your cosplay to life and make it more engaging for others.

Interacting with Others

When cosplaying as Harley Quinn, don't be afraid to interact with other cosplayers or event attendees. Stay in character and engage in playful banter or even act out scenes from the comics or movies. This will create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Hot Harley Quinn Cosplay Inspiration

Instagram Influencers to Follow

Looking for some inspiration for your hot Harley Quinn cosplay? Check out these Instagram influencers who have mastered the art of portraying this iconic character:

Comic-Con Showstoppers

Comic-Con events are the perfect place to find jaw-dropping Harley Quinn cosplays. Attend these conventions and be prepared to be amazed by the creativity and attention to detail of fellow cosplayers.

Reviews: The Best Harley Quinn Cosplay Costumes

Leg Avenue Women's 4 Piece Harley Costume

One of the most popular options for a Harley Quinn costume is the Leg Avenue Women's 4 Piece Harley Costume. This set includes a jester-inspired bodysuit, a jester hat, a white collar, and fingerless gloves. The quality of the materials and the overall fit of this costume are highly praised by cosplayers.

Rubie's Women's Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume

If you're looking to recreate the Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn, the Rubie's Women's Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume is a great choice. This costume features a red and blue jacket with attached shirt, shorts, belt, and fishnet tights. It also includes a wig to complete the look.


Hot Harley Quinn cosplay continues to captivate cosplayers and fans alike. With the right costume, makeup, and attitude, you can bring this beloved character to life and create a truly unforgettable cosplay experience. Whether you choose the classic look or opt for a more modern version, embrace Harley's personality and have fun with your portrayal. Get ready to turn heads and leave a lasting impression as you step into the shoes of Gotham's favorite mischief-maker.

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