45 Big Little Ideas Sorority

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Big Little Ideas Sorority


Joining a sorority is an exciting and memorable experience for many college students. One of the most cherished traditions within sororities is the Big Little program, where older members, known as "Bigs," are paired with younger members, known as "Littles." This special bond is a source of support, guidance, and friendship throughout the college years and beyond. If you are a Big in your sorority or are about to become one, here are some big little ideas to make the experience even more special.

1. Getting to Know Your Little

Before becoming a Big, take the time to get to know your Little. Find out about her hobbies, interests, and favorite things. This will help you plan personalized surprises and gifts that she will truly appreciate.

2. Thoughtful Gifts

Surprise your Little with thoughtful gifts that show you put a lot of effort into choosing them. Consider items that represent her favorite colors, symbols, or activities. Personalized jewelry, custom-made clothing, or a handcrafted scrapbook are all great ideas.

3. Sisterhood Outings

Plan fun sisterhood outings with your Little to strengthen your bond. Go out for a coffee date, have a movie night, or even organize a weekend getaway with your sorority sisters. These shared experiences will create lasting memories and deepen your connection.

4. Support and Guidance

As a Big, one of your most important roles is to provide support and guidance to your Little. Be there for her during difficult times, offer advice when needed, and lend a listening ear. Your presence and wisdom will be greatly appreciated.

5. Study Sessions

Organize study sessions with your Little to help her excel academically. Offer to review her class notes, quiz each other on important topics, or create study guides together. This will not only enhance her academic performance but also strengthen your bond through shared achievements.

6. Surprise Notes and Messages

Leave surprise notes and messages for your Little to brighten her day. Whether it's a heartfelt letter, a funny meme, or an encouraging text, these small gestures will remind her that she is loved and supported by her Big.

7. Celebrate Milestones

Make an effort to celebrate your Little's milestones and achievements. Whether it's her birthday, a good grade on an exam, or a successful presentation, acknowledge her accomplishments with a small gift or a special outing. These celebrations will make her feel valued and cherished.

8. Share Traditions

Introduce your Little to the unique traditions of your sorority. Teach her the secret handshake, share stories about past events, and explain the significance of certain symbols or rituals. This will help her feel connected to the sorority's history and values.

9. Create a Big Little Bucket List

Create a bucket list of activities and experiences you want to share with your Little. From attending a sports game to going on a road trip, brainstorm ideas together and make plans to fulfill them throughout your time together. This will create a sense of excitement and adventure.

10. Support Her Personal Goals

Encourage your Little to pursue her personal goals and dreams. Whether it's starting a club, applying for an internship, or studying abroad, be her cheerleader and offer guidance along the way. Your support will motivate her to reach for the stars.

11. Plan a Big Little Reveal

Organize a memorable Big Little reveal for your Little. This can be done in various creative ways, such as a scavenger hunt, a surprise party, or a themed photoshoot. The anticipation and excitement leading up to the reveal will make the moment even more special.

12. Volunteer Together

Give back to the community by volunteering together. Find local charities or organizations that align with your values and spend a day making a difference. This shared act of kindness will not only strengthen your bond but also contribute to the greater good.

13. Create a Big Little Tradition

Establish a unique tradition between you and your Little. It could be a weekly coffee date, a monthly movie night, or an annual trip to a special place. This tradition will create a sense of continuity and provide something for both of you to look forward to.

14. Personalized Care Packages

Send your Little personalized care packages during stressful times, such as exams or finals week. Fill them with her favorite snacks, study supplies, and little surprises to boost her morale and show that you are thinking of her.

15. Share Your Wisdom

Pass on your wisdom and lessons learned from your own college experience. Share your successes, failures, and valuable insights with your Little. This mentorship role will help her navigate college life with more confidence and resilience.

16. Attend Sorority Events Together

Attend sorority events and functions together to show your support and unity. Whether it's a formal, a philanthropy event, or a sisterhood retreat, having your Little by your side will make these occasions even more enjoyable.

17. Surprise Visits

If you live far away from your Little, surprise her with a visit. Whether it's for a weekend or just a day, showing up unexpectedly will bring immense joy and strengthen your bond even more. Plan activities and outings in advance to make the most of your time together.

18. Encourage Sisterhood Bonding

Encourage your Little to bond with her sorority sisters. Help her get involved in sorority activities, introduce her to other members, and invite her to social events. This will expand her support network and make her feel more connected to the sorority as a whole.

19. Create a Memory Box

Start a memory box with your Little to collect mementos and keepsakes throughout your time together. Whether it's ticket stubs, photographs, or handwritten notes, these small treasures will serve as a reminder of your special bond for years to come.

20. Be Present

Above all, be present for your Little. Show up for her, listen to her, and be there when she needs you. Your genuine care and attention will be the foundation of your unforgettable Big Little relationship.


Being a Big in a sorority is a privilege and an opportunity to make a lasting impact on a younger member's life. By implementing these big little ideas, you can create a meaningful and unforgettable experience for both you and your Little. Embrace the sisterhood and cherish the memories that will last a lifetime.

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