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Buffalo Wild Wings Scoville Chart


Buffalo Wild Wings, a popular American casual dining restaurant and sports bar, is renowned for its delicious and fiery chicken wings. The restaurant offers a wide range of wing flavors, each varying in heat intensity. To assist customers in choosing their preferred level of spiciness, Buffalo Wild Wings provides a Scoville Chart.

What is the Scoville Chart?

The Scoville Chart is a visual representation of the heat levels of Buffalo Wild Wings' wing flavors. It categorizes the flavors based on their Scoville Heat Units (SHU), a measurement of the capsaicin concentration, which determines the spiciness of peppers. The higher the SHU, the hotter the flavor.

Understanding Scoville Heat Units

Scoville Heat Units (SHU) measure the concentration of capsaicin, the chemical compound responsible for the heat in chili peppers. The measurement is determined through a taste test, where a panel of experts dilutes the pepper extract until the heat can no longer be detected. The number of dilutions needed to achieve this determines the pepper's SHU.

Buffalo Wild Wings Scoville Chart

The Buffalo Wild Wings Scoville Chart categorizes the wing flavors into six levels of spiciness:

  • Mild (0-1,000 SHU)
  • Medium (1,001-2,500 SHU)
  • Hot (2,501-50,000 SHU)
  • Wild (50,001-100,000 SHU)
  • Blazin' (100,001-350,000 SHU)
  • Insane (350,001+ SHU)

Exploring the Mild Flavors

The Mild flavors at Buffalo Wild Wings offer a gentle introduction to spiciness. They include:

  • Buffalo Mild
  • Honey BBQ
  • Teriyaki

These flavors provide a mild kick without overwhelming the taste buds. They are perfect for those who prefer a subtle heat or are new to spicy foods.

Discovering the Medium Flavors

The Medium flavors at Buffalo Wild Wings offer a slightly higher level of spiciness, providing a bolder experience. They include:

  • Asian Zing
  • Caribbean Jerk
  • Thai Curry

These flavors incorporate a mix of tangy and spicy elements, creating a harmonious balance that tantalizes the taste buds. They are ideal for those who enjoy a moderate level of heat.

Embracing the Hot Flavors

The Hot flavors at Buffalo Wild Wings bring the heat to a new level, catering to those who enjoy a fiery experience. They include:

  • Hot BBQ
  • Mango Habanero
  • Hot

These flavors deliver a significant kick that ignites the palate. They are recommended for spice enthusiasts who crave a more intense heat.

Challenging the Wild Flavors

The Wild flavors at Buffalo Wild Wings push the boundaries of spiciness, offering a thrilling experience for adventurous eaters. They include:

  • Jammin' Jalapeno
  • Spicy Garlic
  • Nashville Hot

These flavors combine heat with unique flavor profiles, providing a memorable and exciting dining experience. They are perfect for those seeking a bold and unforgettable taste.

Surviving the Blazin' Flavors

The Blazin' flavors at Buffalo Wild Wings are not for the faint of heart. They are for the bravest of spice enthusiasts who dare to take on the ultimate heat challenge. They include:

  • Blazin'

This flavor is known for its scorching intensity that tests the limits of heat tolerance. It is recommended only for those who can handle extreme spiciness.

Conquering the Insane Flavor

The Insane flavor at Buffalo Wild Wings is reserved for those seeking the pinnacle of spiciness. It is the hottest flavor available, surpassing the Blazin' level. The Insane flavor is not for the faint-hearted and should be approached with caution, as it packs an incredibly fiery punch.

Choosing Your Wing Flavor

When deciding on your Buffalo Wild Wings wing flavor, it is essential to consider your heat tolerance and personal preference. If you are new to spicy foods, starting with the Mild or Medium flavors is recommended. For those who enjoy a more intense experience, the Hot, Wild, or Blazin' flavors offer ample heat. However, only the most daring and heat-resistant individuals should attempt the Insane flavor.

Pairing Your Wings

To complement the spiciness of Buffalo Wild Wings' wing flavors, consider pairing them with cooling and refreshing accompaniments. Traditional favorites include ranch and blue cheese dressings, celery sticks, and carrot sticks. These additions help balance the heat and provide a pleasant contrast to the fiery flavors.

Customizing Your Wing Experience

Buffalo Wild Wings also allows customers to customize their wing orders by combining different flavors. This option enables individuals to create unique taste combinations and further tailor the spiciness to their liking. Whether it's a tangy and hot fusion or a mild and wild blend, the possibilities are endless.

Alternatives for Non-Spicy Options

While Buffalo Wild Wings is famous for its spicy wing flavors, the restaurant also offers non-spicy options for those who prefer milder tastes. These flavors include:

  • Lemon Pepper
  • Salt & Vinegar
  • Smoky Adobo

These alternatives provide a different flavor profile without the heat, ensuring that all diners can find something to suit their preferences.


The Buffalo Wild Wings Scoville Chart is a valuable tool for customers to navigate the wide range of wing flavors available. By understanding the heat levels and flavor profiles, individuals can make informed choices that cater to their spice preferences. Whether you're a fan of mild, medium, hot, or blazing heat, Buffalo Wild Wings has a flavor that will satisfy your craving for deliciously fiery chicken wings.

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