50 Fachadas De Casas 2 Plantas Con Balcon

Casa de 2 pisos con balcón frontal y garaje doble
Casa de 2 pisos con balcón frontal y garaje doble from verfachadasdecasas.com


Welcome to our blog post on "fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon," where we explore the beautiful world of two-story houses with balconies. In this article, we will discuss the different styles, designs, and features of these houses, along with some tips for creating a stunning facade for your own home. Whether you are a homeowner looking for inspiration or an architecture enthusiast, this article is for you.

What Are Fachadas de Casas 2 Plantas con Balcon?


Fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon, translated to English as "two-story houses with balconies," are architectural structures that feature two levels or floors and a balcony. These houses are known for their elegance, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. They are popular in many countries, including Spain, Mexico, and South American countries.

Benefits of Fachadas de Casas 2 Plantas con Balcon

There are several benefits to choosing a two-story house with a balcony:

  • Increased living space: The two levels provide ample space for bedrooms, living areas, and other functional rooms.
  • Better views: Balconies offer an elevated vantage point, allowing homeowners to enjoy panoramic views of their surroundings.
  • Improved ventilation and natural light: The balcony acts as an extension of the living space, bringing in fresh air and natural light.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: Fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon are visually appealing and can significantly enhance the overall look of a house.

Styles and Designs

Modern Style

Modern fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon feature clean lines, minimalist designs, and a focus on functionality. These houses often incorporate large windows, open floor plans, and sleek materials such as glass and steel. The balcony is typically designed as an extension of the interior space, with seamless transitions between the indoor and outdoor areas.

Colonial Style

Inspired by the architecture of the colonial era, colonial-style fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon exude charm and elegance. These houses often feature symmetrical designs, decorative elements, and balconies with intricate wrought iron railings. The balconies in colonial-style houses are often spacious and serve as a gathering place for family and friends.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon embrace a mix of modern and traditional elements. These houses feature unique architectural designs, bold colors, and a combination of different materials such as wood, stone, and concrete. The balconies in contemporary houses are designed to be visually striking and may incorporate creative features such as built-in seating areas or planters.

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean-style fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon are characterized by their warm colors, textured finishes, and rustic charm. These houses often have stucco exteriors, tile roofs, and balconies adorned with wrought iron accents. The balconies in Mediterranean-style houses are typically cozy and inviting, providing a perfect spot for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors.

Features of Fachadas de Casas 2 Plantas con Balcon

Balcony Railings

The balcony railings play a crucial role in the overall design and safety of fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon. They can be made of various materials such as wrought iron, glass, wood, or metal. The choice of railing material depends on the architectural style and personal preference. Wrought iron railings are popular for their elegance and durability, while glass railings offer unobstructed views.

Outdoor Furniture

Furnishing the balcony is essential to create a comfortable and inviting space. Outdoor furniture such as chairs, tables, and loungers can transform the balcony into a functional outdoor living area. It is important to choose furniture that is weather-resistant and suits the overall style of the house. Comfortable cushions and decorative accessories can add a touch of coziness and style.

Greenery and Plants

Adding greenery and plants to the balcony can bring life and freshness to fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon. Hanging plants, potted flowers, and vertical gardens are popular choices for balconies. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also provide shade, privacy, and a connection to nature. It is important to choose plants that thrive in the balcony's specific lighting and climate conditions.


Proper lighting is essential to highlight the beauty of fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon, especially during the evening hours. Balcony lighting can be achieved through various methods, including wall-mounted fixtures, pendant lights, string lights, or recessed lighting. The choice of lighting depends on the desired ambiance and functionality of the balcony space.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens can be installed on the balcony to create a sense of seclusion and privacy. These screens can be made of materials such as bamboo, wood, or fabric and can be customized to match the overall design of the house. Privacy screens not only provide privacy from neighbors but also act as a decorative element, adding texture and visual interest to the facade.

Tips for Creating a Stunning Fachadas de Casas 2 Plantas con Balcon

Consider the Architectural Style

When designing the facade of your two-story house with a balcony, it is important to consider the architectural style. The facade should be in harmony with the overall design and character of the house. Whether you choose a modern, colonial, contemporary, or Mediterranean style, make sure the balcony complements the facade and enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Choose the Right Materials

The choice of materials for the facade and balcony can significantly impact the overall look and durability of fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon. Consider factors such as weather conditions, maintenance requirements, and budget when selecting materials. High-quality materials such as natural stone, hardwood, and durable paints can ensure longevity and enhance the visual appeal of the house.

Incorporate Architectural Details

Architectural details can elevate the design of fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon. Consider adding decorative elements such as moldings, columns, or arched doorways to the facade. These details can add depth, character, and a touch of uniqueness to the house. Be mindful of not overdoing the details and maintaining a cohesive design.

Maximize Natural Light

Natural light can make a significant difference in the overall ambiance and energy efficiency of a two-story house with a balcony. Incorporate large windows, glass doors, and skylights to maximize the entry of natural light into the interior spaces. This not only creates a bright and inviting atmosphere but also reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Create a Welcoming Entrance

The entrance of the house sets the tone for the overall design and experience. Pay attention to the design and landscaping of the entrance area. Consider adding a pathway, a welcoming front door, and potted plants to create a warm and inviting entrance. The balcony can serve as an extension of the entrance area, enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of the facade.

In Conclusion

Fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon offer a perfect combination of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and architectural elegance. Whether you prefer a modern, colonial, contemporary, or Mediterranean style, there are endless possibilities for creating a stunning facade. By considering the architectural style, choosing the right materials, incorporating architectural details, maximizing natural light, and creating a welcoming entrance, you can transform your two-story house with a balcony into a true masterpiece. We hope this article has provided you with inspiration and practical tips for creating your dream fachadas de casas 2 plantas con balcon.

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