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Sage Green and Blush Pink Wedding Sage green bridesmaid dress, Sage bridesmaid dresses, Blush
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Sage and Blush Wedding


A sage and blush wedding is a beautiful and romantic theme that combines the softness of blush with the earthiness of sage green. This color palette creates a serene and elegant atmosphere, perfect for a wedding celebration. Whether you're planning a springtime garden wedding or a rustic outdoor affair, a sage and blush wedding can be tailored to suit any style or venue. In this article, we will explore the various elements that make up a sage and blush wedding, from the invitations to the table decorations, and provide tips and inspiration to help you create your dream wedding.


The first glimpse of your sage and blush wedding theme will be through the invitations. Consider using sage green or blush-colored paper for your invites, and incorporate delicate floral designs or subtle greenery motifs. Opt for elegant calligraphy or script fonts to add a touch of sophistication. You can also include a sage green or blush ribbon or wax seal as a finishing touch.


When selecting a venue for your sage and blush wedding, look for spaces that have natural elements or a neutral color scheme that will complement your chosen colors. Outdoor venues such as gardens, vineyards, or parks are ideal for this theme, as they provide a lush backdrop of greenery. If an outdoor venue is not possible, consider indoor spaces with large windows and plenty of natural light to create a similar ambiance.


The decorations for a sage and blush wedding should be understated and elegant. Use sage green tablecloths or runners as a base, and add touches of blush through napkins, chair sashes, or floral arrangements. Incorporate natural elements such as wooden accents, moss, or succulents to enhance the earthy feel. For centerpieces, consider arrangements of blush roses, eucalyptus, and white hydrangeas. Candles in sage green or blush holders can also add a romantic glow to the tables.


Flowers play a crucial role in a sage and blush wedding. Opt for soft and delicate blooms in shades of blush, such as roses, peonies, and ranunculus. Pair them with greenery like eucalyptus, dusty miller, or succulents to add a touch of sage green. Consider creating lush and loose arrangements with a mix of textures and sizes, and incorporate trailing ribbons in blush or sage for a romantic and organic look.

Bridal Attire

The bride's attire is an essential element in any wedding, and for a sage and blush theme, you have various options. Traditional brides may opt for a white or ivory gown with subtle blush or sage green accents, such as a sash or floral appliqu├ęs. For a more modern look, consider a blush or sage-colored wedding dress, which will make a statement and tie in perfectly with the theme. Don't forget to accessorize with delicate blush or sage green jewelry and a bouquet that complements your color palette.

Groom's Attire

The groom's attire should complement the sage and blush theme without overpowering it. A classic black or navy suit paired with a sage green tie or pocket square is a timeless choice. If the wedding is more casual or rustic, a light gray or tan suit with a blush-colored tie or bowtie can add a touch of whimsy. Consider coordinating the groom's boutonniere with the bride's bouquet to create a cohesive look.


For the bridesmaids, consider choosing sage green or blush-colored dresses that flatter their individual figures and skin tones. If you have a smaller bridal party, you can mix and match different shades of sage and blush to create a cohesive yet unique look. Alternatively, you can choose dresses in a neutral color, such as ivory or champagne, and accessorize with sage green or blush sashes or floral crowns.


The groomsmen's attire should complement the groom's outfit while still incorporating the sage and blush theme. Consider having them wear suits or tuxedos in the same color as the groom, paired with sage green or blush-colored ties or pocket squares. This will create a cohesive and stylish look for the entire bridal party.


The ceremony is the heart of your wedding day, and for a sage and blush theme, you can create a serene and romantic setting. Consider decorating the aisle with blush rose petals or sage greenery, and line it with shepherd's hooks adorned with hanging jars filled with blush or sage flowers. Create an arch or backdrop with draped fabrics in blush or sage, and embellish it with fresh flowers or greenery for a stunning focal point.


The reception is where you can truly bring your sage and blush wedding theme to life. Set the tables with sage green or blush tablecloths and use gold or rose gold cutlery and glassware for an added touch of elegance. Incorporate blush or sage green napkins, menus, and place cards to tie everything together. Consider using wooden or acrylic signage with calligraphy to add a personalized and rustic touch.

Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is another opportunity to showcase your sage and blush theme. Opt for a simple yet elegant design with buttercream frosting in shades of sage and blush. Add delicate floral accents in blush or sage green and finish with a touch of gold or rose gold for a luxurious feel. Alternatively, consider a naked or semi-naked cake adorned with fresh flowers and greenery for a more rustic look.


Thank your guests for being a part of your special day with thoughtful and personalized favors that tie in with the sage and blush theme. Consider mini potted succulents wrapped in blush or sage green ribbon, personalized jars of homemade sage-infused honey, or sachets of dried rose petals. These small gestures will leave a lasting impression and serve as a reminder of your beautiful wedding.


Choosing the right photographer is essential to capture the beauty and essence of your sage and blush wedding. Look for a photographer who specializes in capturing natural light and has experience with outdoor or rustic settings. Communicate your vision and color palette to them, and ask to see samples of their work in similar settings to ensure that their style aligns with yours.


The music you choose for your sage and blush wedding should reflect the romantic and serene atmosphere you have created. Consider hiring a string quartet or a solo guitarist to play during the ceremony and cocktail hour. For the reception, a live band or a DJ who can curate a playlist that includes romantic ballads and upbeat tunes will keep your guests entertained and on the dance floor.


Transportation is an often overlooked aspect of wedding planning, but it can add an extra touch of elegance to your sage and blush theme. Consider renting vintage cars in shades of sage or blush to transport the bridal party or arrange for a horse-drawn carriage for a fairytale-like entrance. These unique transportation options will not only provide a memorable experience but also complement your theme beautifully.

Hair and Makeup

The bride's hair and makeup should enhance her natural beauty while still aligning with the sage and blush theme. Opt for soft and romantic hairstyles, such as loose curls or a braided updo, adorned with delicate floral accessories in blush or sage green. For makeup, keep it fresh and natural with soft blush tones and a touch of shimmer on the eyes. Don't forget to consult with professional hair and makeup artists to ensure that your desired look can be achieved.

Pre-Wedding Events

Extend the sage and blush theme to your pre-wedding events, such as the engagement party, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner. Use similar color palettes and decorations to create a cohesive look throughout all the celebrations. This consistency will build anticipation and excitement for your guests and set the tone for your upcoming wedding.

Final Thoughts

A sage and blush wedding is a timeless and elegant choice that suits various styles and venues. From the invitations to the table decorations, every element can be tailored to create a cohesive and romantic atmosphere. By incorporating sage green and blush colors, natural elements, and delicate florals, you can bring your dream wedding to life. Remember to consult with professionals and take inspiration from this article to plan a sage and blush wedding that will be truly unforgettable.

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