65 Shine On You Crazy Diamond Tattoo

My Pink Floyd tattoo. Shine on you crazy diamond. For me it is a way to tell myself to keep
My Pink Floyd tattoo. Shine on you crazy diamond. For me it is a way to tell myself to keep from www.reddit.com

Shine On You Crazy Diamond Tattoo


The "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" tattoo is inspired by the iconic song by Pink Floyd. This tattoo design has gained popularity among music enthusiasts and fans of the band. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the tattoo, its symbolism, and various design options.

The Meaning Behind the Tattoo

1. Tribute to Pink Floyd

2. Remembrance of Syd Barrett

3. Symbol of Individuality and Nonconformity

Symbolism of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"

1. Brilliance and Radiance

2. Emotional Depth and Vulnerability

3. Artistic Expression and Creativity

Tattoo Design Options

1. Typography Tattoo

2. Diamond and Light Beams

3. Portrait Tattoo of Syd Barrett

4. Symbolic Elements

Typography Tattoo

1. Lyrics in Handwriting Font

2. Placement Options (Forearm, Chest, Back)

3. Incorporating Other Design Elements (Music Notes, Instruments)

Diamond and Light Beams

1. Realistic Diamond Design

2. Geometric Diamond Design

3. Placement Options (Arm, Leg, Shoulder)

4. Incorporating Light Beams and Colors

Portrait Tattoo of Syd Barrett

1. Realistic Portrait

2. Sketch-like Portrait

3. Placement Options (Bicep, Back)

4. Incorporating Song Lyrics or Title

Symbolic Elements

1. Music Notes and Instruments

2. Rainbow Colors

3. Psychedelic Patterns

4. Incorporating Other Pink Floyd Symbols (Prism, Dark Side of the Moon)

Tattoo Placement and Size

1. Forearm

2. Chest

3. Back

4. Arm

5. Leg

6. Shoulder

7. Consideration of Tattoo Size

Tattoo Aftercare

1. Follow the Tattoo Artist's Instructions

2. Keep the Tattoo Clean and Moisturized

3. Avoid Sun Exposure and Swimming

4. Choose Clothing That Won't Rub Against the Tattoo

Choosing a Tattoo Artist

1. Research Artists' Experience and Portfolio

2. Consider Recommendations and Reviews

3. Schedule a Consultation

4. Discuss Design Ideas and Placement

5. Ensure Proper Sanitary Measures

Tattoo Removal and Cover-Up Options

1. Laser Tattoo Removal

2. Tattoo Cover-Up

3. Consultation with a Tattoo Removal Specialist


The "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" tattoo is a powerful symbol of tribute, individuality, and artistic expression. Whether you choose a typography tattoo, a diamond and light beams design, a portrait of Syd Barrett, or incorporate symbolic elements, this tattoo can serve as a lasting reminder of Pink Floyd's legacy and the emotional depth of their music. Remember to choose a skilled tattoo artist, follow proper aftercare, and consider all options, including tattoo removal and cover-up, before getting inked.

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