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Most Valuable Cherished Teddies


Cherished Teddies are beloved collectible figurines that have captured the hearts of teddy bear enthusiasts around the world. These adorable teddy bears, designed by Priscilla Hillman, are known for their endearing expressions and intricate details. While all Cherished Teddies hold sentimental value, some are considered to be more valuable than others due to their rarity or unique characteristics. In this article, we will explore the most valuable Cherished Teddies that collectors covet.

1. Limited Edition Bears

One of the factors that greatly contributes to the value of a Cherished Teddy is its limited edition status. Limited edition bears are produced in a specific quantity and are often numbered, making them highly sought after by collectors. These bears are typically released to commemorate special occasions or events, and their scarcity adds to their allure.

2. Prototype Bears

Prototype bears are another category of Cherished Teddies that hold significant value. These bears are the original designs created by Priscilla Hillman before they go into mass production. They are often one-of-a-kind or produced in extremely limited quantities, making them exceptionally rare and desirable to collectors.

3. Artist-Signed Bears

Cherished Teddies that have been signed by Priscilla Hillman or other renowned artists in the industry are considered to be highly valuable. The signature adds a personal touch and authenticity to the bear, making it a unique piece for collectors. These artist-signed bears often come with a certificate of authenticity to verify their origin.

4. Retired Bears

As with any collectible item, retired Cherished Teddies are more valuable than those currently in production. When a bear is retired, it means that it is no longer being manufactured, making it harder to find and increasing its value. Retired bears often become highly sought after, especially if they were part of a limited edition or had a significant impact on the Cherished Teddies line.

5. Error Bears

Occasionally, mistakes happen during the production process, resulting in bears with errors or misprints. These error bears are highly sought after by collectors due to their rarity and uniqueness. Some errors may include misspelled words, inverted colors, or misplaced features. The value of an error bear depends on the severity of the mistake and the demand from collectors.

6. Exclusive Event Bears

Exclusive event bears are released only during specific events, such as conventions or exhibitions. These bears are often limited in quantity and are exclusively available to attendees of the event. The exclusivity and rarity of these bears make them highly valuable, as they cannot be easily obtained by the general public.

7. Vintage Bears

Vintage Cherished Teddies, which refer to bears that were produced in the early years of the collection, are highly sought after by collectors. These bears hold historical significance and often feature unique designs or characteristics that distinguish them from the later editions. Vintage bears are harder to find, especially in good condition, which adds to their value.

8. Seasonal Bears

Cherished Teddies that are specifically designed for seasonal occasions, such as Christmas or Halloween, are highly collectible. These bears are often released in limited quantities and feature festive themes or costumes. Collectors eagerly anticipate the release of seasonal bears each year, and their value tends to increase as time goes on.

9. Rare Color Variations

Some Cherished Teddies have rare color variations that make them stand out from the rest of the collection. These variations can be subtle, such as a different shade of fur or clothing, or more pronounced, such as a completely different color scheme. Collectors value these rare color variations as they add diversity to their collection and make their bears truly unique.

10. Themed Bears

Cherished Teddies that are part of a specific theme or series are often highly sought after by collectors. These themed bears can range from occupation-based bears, such as doctors or firefighters, to bears representing different countries or cultures. Collectors enjoy building a cohesive collection around a specific theme, and themed bears are essential to completing their set.

11. Pristine Condition Bears

While not necessarily a specific type of bear, Cherished Teddies in pristine condition are highly valued by collectors. Bears that have been well-preserved, kept in their original packaging, and show little to no signs of wear or damage are considered to be in pristine condition. Collectors are willing to pay a premium for bears that are in excellent shape, as they are harder to come by.

12. Highly Sought After Bears

Some Cherished Teddies have gained a reputation for being highly sought after by collectors, regardless of their specific characteristics or limited edition status. These bears have become iconic within the Cherished Teddies community and are often considered to be the pinnacle of a collector's collection. The demand for these highly sought after bears drives their value up significantly.

13. Unique Accessories

In addition to the bears themselves, unique accessories that accompany Cherished Teddies can also contribute to their overall value. These accessories can include special display cases, commemorative plaques, or additional items that were released alongside the bear. Collectors appreciate the attention to detail and the added value that unique accessories bring to their collection.

14. Limited Edition Sets

While individual limited edition bears hold value on their own, limited edition sets are highly sought after by collectors. These sets often consist of multiple bears that are released together and follow a specific theme or storyline. Collectors enjoy completing these sets, and the value of the individual bears within the set is often enhanced when sold as a complete collection.

15. Bears with Original Tags

Cherished Teddies that still have their original tags intact are considered to be more valuable than those without. The tags provide important information about the bear, such as its name, release year, and edition number. Collectors appreciate the authenticity and completeness that comes with a bear that still has its original tags.

16. Bears with Original Packaging

Similar to bears with original tags, Cherished Teddies that come with their original packaging are highly prized by collectors. The packaging not only protects the bear but also adds to its overall value. Collectors often prefer bears that have been well-preserved in their original packaging, as it adds to the nostalgia and authenticity of the collectible.

17. Bears with Unique Features

Some Cherished Teddies have unique features that set them apart from the rest. These features can include movable limbs, musical capabilities, or interactive elements. Bears with these unique features are highly sought after by collectors, as they add an extra layer of charm and playfulness to the collectible.

18. Bears Associated with Charitable Causes

Cherished Teddies that have been associated with charitable causes or initiatives often hold significant value to collectors. These bears are often released to raise funds for specific organizations or to support important causes. Collectors appreciate the opportunity to contribute to a charitable endeavor while adding a valuable bear to their collection.

19. Bears with Historical Significance

Occasionally, Cherished Teddies are released to commemorate significant historical events or milestones. Bears that have historical significance, such as those released during the 100th anniversary of a famous teddy bear manufacturer, hold a special place in collectors' hearts. The historical context and limited availability of these bears make them highly valued.

20. Bears with Unique Facial Expressions

The facial expressions of Cherished Teddies play a significant role in their overall charm and appeal. Bears with unique or rare facial expressions, such as winking, smiling, or laughing, are highly sought after by collectors. These bears evoke a sense of joy and whimsy, making them a valuable addition to any collection.


Collecting Cherished Teddies can be a rewarding hobby, both emotionally and financially. While all Cherished Teddies hold sentimental value, some are considered to be more valuable than others due to their rarity, limited edition status, or unique characteristics. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting your collection, keeping an eye out for these valuable Cherished Teddies will surely add a touch of excitement to your journey.

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